The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan

«The important role in maintenance of the constitutional legality is played by the Constitutional Council.

Its activity – a reliable guarantee of conformity of the Kazakhstan legislation to spirit and the letter of the Main law»

N. Nazarbaev

1. 2. 3.

We, the people of Kazakhstan, united by a common historic fate, creating a state on the indigenous Kazakh land, considering ourselves a peace-loving and civil society, dedicated to the ideals of freedom, equality and concord, wishing to take a worthy place in the world community, realizing our high responsibility before the present and future generations, proceeding from our sovereign right, accept this Constitution.

Section I. General Provisions (Art. 1-9)

Section II. The Individual and Citizen (Art. 10-39)

Section III. The President (Art. 40-48)

Section IV. The Parliament (Art. 49-63)

Section V. The Government (Art. 64-70)

Section VI. The Constitutional Council (Art. 71-74)

Section VII. Court and justice (Art. 75-83)

Section VIII. Local public administration and self-administration (Art. 85-89)

Section IX. Concluding and transitional provisions (Art. 90-98)


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