The Constitution of Kazakhstan

"The constitutional reform marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Kazakhstan.

From now on, the principles of justice, transparency and solidarity will be strictly observed."

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

на русском. қазақша. in English.

Adopted by referendum on August 30, 1995.

Entered into force on September 5, 1995.

Amendments and additions were made on October 7, 1998, May 21, 2007,
February 2, 2011, March 10, 2017, March 23, 2019, June 8, 2022, September 17, 2022.

We, the people of Kazakhstan, united by a common historic fate, creating a state on the indigenous Kazakh land, considering ourselves a peace-loving and civil society, dedicated to the ideals of freedom, equality and concord, wishing to take a worthy place in the world community, realizing our high responsibility before the present and future generations, proceeding from our sovereign right, accept this CONSTITUTION.

Section I. General Provisions (art. 1-9)

Section II. Person and Citizen (art. 10-39)

Section III. The President (art. 40-48)

Section IV. Parliament (art. 49-63)

Section V. Government (art. 64-70)

Section VI. Constitutional Council (art. 71-74)

Section VII. Courts and Justice (art. 75-84)

Section VIII. State Administration and Self-Government (art. 85-89)

Section IX. Final and Transitional Provisions (art. 90-99)


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